Hello, I'm Femi Efejuku, a Front End Developer


About me

Hi I'm Femi Gabriel Efejuku a front end web developer from Lagos,Nigeria.
I enjoy designing and creating interesting digital experiences. I excel at the technical side of things although I am comfortable designing.

Featured Projects

C.R.U.D app

A full create, read update and delete app. Why make a boring todo List when I could solve a problem i personally have with this. Currently working on this to include authentication.

MongoDB, REACT, Express, NodeJs

IP Address Tracker

This is an Ip address tracker made with ipify and leafletjs. On submission it gives you the address, Isp and timezone. It then shows the location on a map

Fetch Api, Leafletjs

TODO app

The Quintessential TODO app
Every front end developer at one time has had to build this.
I threw in a little spice with the addition of drag and drop and filtering.

REACT, Context api, React beautiful dnd

React Gallery

This is a gallery app built with react on the Unsplash API
It allows for filtering and searching while giving full credit to the creators themselves.

React, Axios

More Projects

Pexels Clone

This is a pixel perfect clone of the pexels website using their API to display picutres. It includes filtering, searching and multiple screens.

Typescript, React, React Query, Tailwind.

Room Homepage

This is a Frontend Mentors Challenge built with React and tailwind. A beautifully animated landing page with a slider to show off the furniture

Typescript React Tailwind

Landing Page

A beautiful, responsive landing page done as part of a frontend mentor challenge.

Vanilla Js OpenProps



This is my current job
I am in charge of creating web pages with elementor and html, class and content writing for those pages. I also do copy writing and graphics design

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